Multiply your security

Multi-signature security on the Stellar network


Verify transactions

LOBSTR Vault uses multisignature technology to maximize security of your digital assets issued on the Stellar network.

Each transaction requires several approvals with Vault on multiple devices, using keys that are stored locally on device.

Signature requests and notifications

Once a wallet is protected with LOBSTR Vault all pending transactions are automatically sent to a signer device in a matter of seconds.

Swipe notification and verify transaction details.
Looks good? Just click to sign.


Control your security level

Multi-signature, multi-account, multi-device.
All possible with LOBSTR Vault.

With Vault you can protect several accounts from a single device. Or single account from multiple devices.
Require additional approval from a separate device. Or 3 approvals from 5 different devices. Up to you.

Control your funds with your own keys

No matter what wallet you are using to hold your funds, a single secret key means a single point of failure.
If your secret key or recovery seed gets exposed, your funds are gone forever.

Reduce the risks with multisignature.
Attacker trying to steal your crypto would need to gain access to multiple secret keys, stored on multiple devices.

Keys that are used to approve transactions with Vault are generated and stored locally on your device and never leave it.

Look at source code


Keys are safe with Vault

Your signer key is safe even if your phone is lost or stolen


A custom 6-digit PIN


Biometric authentication


Mnemonic recovery phrase

Works with your favorite wallet

LOBSTR Vault helps you secure your existing Stellar accounts. You can continue using your favorite wallets / exchanges / other services, and not worry about losing your money.

lobstr stellarport stellarterm stellarx

Good fit for every need


Personal or shared use

Distribute control over funds over multiple devices you own, or between a group of people


Secure your product

Integrate LOBSTR Vault with your service using Stellar and give users the confidence they deserve

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Business solutions

We can customize LOBSTR Vault to fit the needs of your company and secure the holdings

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