Stellar Signer Card.
The smartest way to improve your security.
Signer Card uses multisignature technology to maximize the security of your digital assets issued on the Stellar network.
Mobile device must support NFC technology.
Compatible with iOS 13 or higher and Android 5.1 and up.

Introducing Vault Signer Card.

Stellar uses signatures as authorization. Transactions always need authorization from at least one public key which in some cases could be insecure. Use the Signer Card to confirm important actions on the Stellar network and add advanced protection for your transactions.

Instant and Contactless
Connect to your smartphone with near-field communication (NFC) technology which provides an instant connection.
Easy to Use
In LOBSTR Vault app choose any transaction and simply hold the Signer Card beneath your smartphone. A signed transaction will be sent to the Stellar network automatically.
Advanced Security
Vault Signer Card brings the power of Tangem’s technology to the multisignature layer of the Stellar network. The chip's firmware creates a cryptographic key that will never leave the chip.
Powered by Tangem.
Designed for contactless double key security.
Near-field communication (NFC) enables the Tangem chip to interact with any smartphone that supports this technology.
Make sure that NFC is enabled on your smartphone and hold the Signer Card under your device to sign the transaction.
LOBSTR Vault App
Vault Signer Card
Use cases
Designed for personal and business use, Signer Card provides a variety of different use cases to fit your needs.
As a main signer
You can protect one or several accounts with a single Signer Card.
As an additional signer
Signer Card can work in pair with another signer device and protect single or several accounts.
As a backup for lost phone
Are you afraid to lose your signer device? Set up 2 approvals from 3 different signers and keep the Signer Card in a safe place.
How to setup Signer Card?
Add an extra layer of security in 4 easy steps.
Download the LOBSTR Vault App
Sign in with your Signer Card
Scan the Singer Card with your smartphone
Use the Vault public key to setup multisig security
You're up and running!
Works with your favorite wallet
Pair the Signer Card with LOBSTR Vault and use it to enhance the security of the Stellar account in the supported service of your choice.
Download LOBSTR Vault
Be sure that your device supports NFC technology.
Signer Card is fully compatible with iOS 13 or higher and Android 5.1 and up.